One of the largest collection of bed frames in the UK combining beds and bed frames from popular retailer products like Furniture Village beds, Habitat beds, Harveys beds, and 35 other household brands on one platform.

Our collection of beds include various styles to meet a wide range of needs, taking this into account we have a wide collection of ottoman beds that can provide style and comfort at the same time enough storage space to keep things.

Divan beds will provide a sturdy and trim look to the bed frames, the base is an important part of the divan beds that can help to find the right headboards. Divan beds UK collection can vary in styles and designs, most popular ones have a storage facility in their base.

Wooden beds are other great options to the bed frames, choosing the right wood can bring design and décor you are looking for. Popular wood bed frame options include oak bed frames, pine bed frames and so on. Reclaimed wood bed frames are gaining popularity in recent time and retailers provide some good set of options.

You can also opt for an upholstered bed frame that can go with some modern décor and a headboard. Upholstered bed frames are versatile in bringing any type of décor it needs whether it is a chesterfield based traditional décor or a neutral and plain modern décor.

Buying and Maintenance Tips

Choosing the right bed frame is about choosing the right size and the type of frame you need, the size of the bed frame should be chosen based on the space available around it. Once the bed is in the room it is ideal to have around 30 inches on all the sides of the frame except behind the headboard, if space is kept between 30 and 40 it can bring a very luxurious look.

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