Queen Size Beds

Queen size bed or small double bed as it is in the UK is a bed that is smaller than a double bed in width but the same height as a double bed. They are perfect options for a room with less space on either side of the bed but with that little bit extra room for two people to sleep in.

A 3/4 bed or small double beds come in various styles the popular options include a small double ottoman bed, small double divan bed and so on. The style you choose can be based on the décor you have the requirements of the bed, if you are limited on the space inside the room them small double bed ottoman can be an ideal option.

A small double bed with storage is an option for anyone who needs to make most of the space they have in the room. If you think you have a little more space to play with why not check out the King size bed section to find any matching beds there small double beds come in a dimension of 120 x 190 cm.

Our search will include products from all major retailers that include John Lewis small double bed and 34 other retailers.

Buying Tips

When purchasing a queen size bed or a small double bed makes sure to check the width of the bed. As this is smaller than a double bed the name queen size bed can give the impression that it is bigger than the double bed and smaller than the king size bed.