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How to Style Bedside Table

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How to Style Bedside Table

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Vida Living Amberly Grey Painted Bedside Table
Vida Living Amberly Grey Painted Bedside Table
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Sumatra Bedside Table, Dark Wood
Sumatra Bedside Table, Dark Wood
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Harrow 3 Drawer Bedside Table
Harrow 3 Drawer Bedside Table
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Blackbone Black Oak and Silver 1 Drawer Bedside Table
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How to Style Bedside Table

Your bedroom is your own little haven. You don’t make any compromises over a good night's sleep, do you? Then you shouldn’t make any for your bedside table either. Sleeping next to a clutter-free, neatly curated nightstand is a therapeutic experience everyone needs at the end of a long day. So, here are some helpful tips to style your bedside table and make the best of it.

Have a Rough Plan in Mind

Before you go deep with nightstand styling, think about what you are trying to achieve for the bedroom and for your home itself. If your home or bedroom has a specific colour scheme, it is important that you stick to it. Monochromatic or complementary, there are plenty of colour options available in bedside tables to suit your bedroom’s theme.

A grey, ivory or olive-green bedside table with a sleek and linear finish will be great if you want to give a classy and glamorous look to your bedroom. If it is a distinct, classic or minimalist style that you are trying to achieve, there are elegant wooden bedside tables in traditional and contemporary designs available now. This could instantly accentuate the overall look of your home. With the rightly chosen items by your bed side, you can build a rustic look or a simple one that works well for all your bedrooms.

Start by Removing the Clutter

Bedside clutter is something most of us are guilty of. A bedside table becomes a convenient space to dump everything from chargers and trinkets, to medicines, to-do lists and cell phones because we may need them at an arm’s distance. They are the real reason why a nightstand is forever in chaos.

The most important step is to start clean. Take everything off the table and discard the unwanted items or store them away, if needed for the future, in a storage area. Keep only the thing you need while in bed inside the bedside table. A nightstand with spacious drawers is your answer here. Get drawer organisers if the need be. Even though we say what is needed for you and in the table, it also includes the additional stuff you include in your night time routine- like a scented candle, essential oils or pillow sprays as well. Like waking up to the green of the plants, add that plant(real or faux) to your bedside table, provided you have the space.

In addition, it is important to hide cables as they look messy and ruin the look and ambience of a room. Keep them hidden by using cable clips. Peel the back paper off and stick the cables wherever you want them to stay put. You can also use zip ties if there are a lot of cables to conceal, especially those sticking out of a television or a computer. This is where the smart bedside tables come in handy with its wireless charging and bluetooth speaker features.

Play with Size and Proportions

Keeping it neat doesn’t necessarily mean arranging your bedside table with objects that are similar in size. This, in fact, creates a flat look. Instead, play with sizes and combine a high piece like a lamp, a mid-height piece like a picture frame and a smaller piece like a decorative bowl or tray to keep the proportions balanced.

But if this sounds too ‘geometric’, you can focus on your personal interests and passion to infuse some fun. Choose books you are currently reading or some of your all-time favourites that reflect your personality, and an indoor plant. Then place them aesthetically on the table to invite good vibes into your bedroom. Remember, you are doing this to achieve a certain visual effect for your own amusement.

Mix of Materials, Colours and Shapes

If you are fond of lists, we have some good news for you – a list of décor items for you to style a bedside table. However, when you do this, consider the type of materials, colours and shapes of décor accents as you mix them up.

So, here is the list of items you can use to add style and statement to your nightstand:

  • Table Lamp
  • Scented Candles
  • Alarm, we highly recommend Acctim Neige Weather Station Digital Alarm
  • Indoor Plants
  • Photo Frames / Framed Artworks
  • Pile of Books (maximum 3)
  • Crystals
  • Trinket Tray / Bowl
  • Decorative Tissue Box
  • Vase of Flowers
  • Room Spray
  • Hand Cream / Lotions
  • Decorative Ornaments
  • Diffuser
  • Essential Oils
  • Journal

Try to follow the rule of three by putting three decor pieces together to form a group.

Next, select the texture of your bedside table. Table tops with high glossy finishes are a great fit for accommodating shiny ceramic vessels and table lamps. A textured surface, on the other hand, is great to display unconventional sculptures, rough crystals or hammered metal art. These, as a matter of fact, look incredibly good when placed on sleek glass surfaces too.

Minimal Styling for Maximum Impact

It is easy to get lost in the process of styling when you have so many great options right in front of you. But remember that ‘less is more’ and you only have to keep what is absolutely necessary. Go for styling elements that resonate with you as an individual.

Also, symmetry is an option and not a rule. If you think it doesn't bode well with your personality, you don’t have to choose twin tables and matching décor pieces. Your intuition can be a good guide here.

Choosing the right décor accents for your bedside table has a big impact on the overall look and feel of your special nook; after all, they are the last elements you lay your eyes on before you fall asleep every night. Go for pieces that not only express your style but also tie together different aspects of your home’s design.