5 Tips for Buying a New Sofa

By Anna 24/01/2019

5 Tips for Buying a New Sofa

Buying a new sofa is often one of the biggest investments we make for our home and is a commitment to have a single piece and style of furniture for at least the next seven years, if not much longer. You don’t want to get buying your new sofa wrong, so here are five tips you should know before you start shopping.

Set a Budget

Of course, this seems obvious, but it’s a good idea to set a budget that you won’t go over or under. Why? If you’re someone who loves to get a bargain or you just are afraid by the amount of money, you’re going to spend on a piece of furniture you may buy something cheap to cut costs now, but have a problem in three to five years when it starts to fall apart.

Get the Best Materials

As mentioned above, cutting costs can often lead to substandard materials and though they may seem like a good idea initially, they often lose their integrity quickly and you’ll replace it much faster than you planned to. If you want a sofa that will last you for a long time you should always buy a sofa with a hardwood frame. This is the skeleton of your sofa and if you cheap out here it simply won’t last as long. Do what you can to get the best frame for your sofa so it will last.

Take Your Measurements Carefully

Especially if you are going to buy your sofa unseen online. Measure the space you have, any narrow doorways it needs to get through, and how big your sofa needs to be to give you and your family enough space to sit on it. Have these to hand whenever you look at a potential sofa.

Don’t Buy a Trend

You likely have a clear idea of what your room will look like with your new sofa with a Pinterest board full of inspiration but be careful if the style of sofa you have your eye on is a trend piece. Unless you’re someone who’s happy to save up to buy new furniture every other year, you’ll find that your trendy sofa quickly goes out of style and you’ll feel outdated. Instead, use throws and pillows to keep your sofa updated with your room décor and trends.

Look for Discounts & Get the Best Price

Just because you should get the best materials your budget can afford doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try to get discounts or a great quality sofa in a sale. Keep an eye out for sales that are coming up, do a Google search for codes for your chosen sofa brand, and compare the price of your sofa if it’s on multiple websites.

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