Can a Coffee Table be Used as a TV Stand?

By Natalie 14/04/2022

Can a Coffee Table be Used as a TV Stand?

Is your living room too small to accommodate both your coffee table and your TV stand? If you love both pieces of furniture and they are essential to your décor, we’ll give you some ideas to declutter and yet keep both; or maybe not!

Let’s cut to the chase – prop up your TV set on the coffee table – voila! Modern HDTVs are slender with smaller stands and consoles, requiring very little space to rest. This makes it all the more convenient to use a coffee table as a TV stand. However, before you do this, here are some considerations:

Size and Strength of Your Coffee Table

Measure the height and width of your coffee table, and check if it’s strong enough to hold your TV. The coffee table should be wider than the TV. If the table’s legs wobble when you place the TV on it, it’s probably not suitable. A rectangular coffee table with a flat and even surface can safely hold the TV upright. Affix pads to protect the coffee table from abrasions and fissures that may occur when the table is loaded. Even though square coffee tables are quite similar to the rectangular ones many of them might not provide the space needed to keep the base of the TV.

If you have your TV hung on the wall and are looking for furniture to keep your media accessories, then coffee tables- specially slim frame ones, with storage are ideal substitutes for a Media Unit.

Material of the Coffee Table

A coffee table made of solid wood is the best option to place your HDTV. The wood table should be polished, with a smooth surface to firmly hold the TV. Durable, solid (hard) wood is sturdier than plywood or medium-density fibreboards.

Though glass coffee table tops are easy to clean, they aren’t the best option to hold oversized items like TV sets. If you don’t have an alternative, use tempered glass on the surface of your coffee table that is better equipped to hold bulky items. Avoid low-quality glass surfaces that can break when loaded.

Coffee tables made of rattan or wicker don’t have a smooth surface to steadily hold your TV. If your rattan table’s design allows you to set a flat, tempered glass top, it can be used as a TV stand.

Upholstered coffee tables have an uneven surface that cannot hold sleek and tall HDTV sets. If you’re using a coffee table made of metal, use it as a TV stand only if its legs are sturdy and the top is even.

Conserve Your Room’s Look

When you use a coffee table as a TV stand, the wires of the TV can be everywhere. If your table does not have drawers to conceal the cables, use cord covers or get hooks to affix the wires under the coffee table’s top so that they remain obscure, safe and clean. Also, find a space to store TV accessories so they don’t create clutter.

Safety Tips

The risk of children getting fatally injured due to furniture tip-overs and toppling TVs is seriously high. When you remodel your coffee table as a TV stand, make sure you do this carefully to avoid accidents. To protect your little ones from mishaps, follow these tips:

  • Secure your TV set safely to the wall using anti-tip straps. If you’re placing it on top of the coffee table, place it at the rear, beyond your child’s reach.
  • Given an option, affix the TV’s base to your coffee table’s top so that it remains secured.
  • Don’t place toys and remote controls on the TV stand.
  • Don’t use your TV stand’s shelves and drawers to store heavy items. If you have to, stock them in the lower racks.
  • Keep TV cords and cables away from your child’s view.
  • Make sure that young children are supervised by an adult when they’re playing in the living room or watching TV.
  • Check the strength of your coffee table’s legs to ascertain that the table doesn’t tumble when twitched by your child.

Coffee tables are interesting pieces of furniture and quite versatile. If you have an old coffee table you don’t know what to do with, repurpose it as a TV stand; but make sure it’s still sturdy and can hold the weight of a TV.

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