Coffee Table Ideas to Consider Before Purchasing

By Hatty 23/05/2019

Coffee table is like a new pup who can be at the centre of attention for the guests, so choosing a coffee table needs careful consideration with the rest of the room decor. Even though this is one piece of furniture you could experiment with, it is still important to get it right first time around.

If you are looking for a coffee table here are five ideas to consider.

1. Upholstered

Pentlow buttoned square footstool sofas and stuff

Thinking of purchasing a multipurpose furniture for your living room- let it be a upholstered footstool- coffee table hybrid. Upholstered furniture always bring in a surprise element to your living space. It can easily dress up your space or dress it down. With the beautiful deep buttoned foot stool in luxurious velvet from Sofa and Stuff, you will be bringing in an old world charm to your living room or the reading book.

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2. Marble coffee table

Raphael brown marble coffee table great furniture trading co

Want to add a touch of luxury to your living room without breaking the bank? The answer is marble coffee table. Mankind is yet to find something as timeless and classic as marble. Marble coffee tables are durable, if maintained properly. Yes, you’ll have to be careful with your wine and tea around your furniture. A small sacrifice for a piece of furniture that’ll never go out of style and blends in with any décor style. Also, if you are not sure about white, there are several other colours available, like the one shown here.

3. Concrete top coffee table

Zurn round coffee table concrete

The above two options would not be an apt furniture suggestion for a contemporary styled house. If you are trying to bring in an unusual look for your living room, concrete coffee table is a fabulous option. If you think plain concrete could be clinical, look for concrete furniture with exciting combinations of glass, wood, metal etc. giving it a more industrial look, like this minimalistic, neutral decor friendly coffee table from

4. Wooden coffee table

Swoon franklin coffee table John Lewis

A great coffee table can last for years, especially wooden ones when maintained carefully. Coffee table in wood helps in creating an ambience which is relaxing and full of warmth.

Gone are the days when the wooden coffee table was just for the classic, rustic or cottage style living room. Today’s creative designs allow you to add the wooden coffee table to even the most contemporary living rooms with ease, like this one with contrast brass accents.

5. Glass top coffee table

Miami coffee table gold from Brissi

It has always been an easy choice for the modern and contemporary living rooms- how can it not be, with all the sophistication and elegance it brings with it. Glass coffee table is a perfect choice for any décor style you choose for your living room. Glass also goes wonderfully with other materials for example metal, wood etc. Like any other glass furniture, glass coffee tables also helps in making your best friends if opting for a glass coffee table. Most important thing, always go for tempered glass, you don’t want a fragile piece of furniture right in the middle of your living room.

This rectangular coffee table is ideal for any living room with limited space as it can leave plenty of room around it. If space is not an issue for you then options like square coffee tables is worth considering.

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