Furnish Home this Autumn and Winter 2021

By Neethu 12/11/2021

Furnish Home this Autumn and Winter 2021

Autumn is here. It will soon be time to cozy up your space to chill in your fluffy pyjamas.

Bold - Bright Colors

Rich tones of bright and bold colours work amazing during this time of the year. It also adds to the cosiness of the space. You can instantly elevate your space and hop on this trend by adding a bit of bold paint to your living space- maybe start with a small area. Rust orange, terracotta, burgundy, mulberry are wonderful choices this time of the year. You can also bring in these bold warm colours by switching up your cushions or throws.

Layer and Update the Soft Furnishings

Cushions For Autumn 2021

Autumn and winter is also the time to go crazy with layering fabrics. Layer your sofa with soft linen or boucle throws and go a bit fancy with one more layer of throw either in fleece or chunky knits. The contrast in the fabric would not only add texture but also create a warm atmosphere naturally.

Stripes are the perfect way to add a classic touch to your soft furnishings to bring in warmth and cosiness. You can easily introduce stripes by bringing in these elements on your throws and cushions.

Seasonal Scents

I personally love to welcome each season with its signature scents- be it in my perfume or for my home. For me, autumn is synonymous with pumpkin spice and winter for mulled wine. The subtle spicy wood scent can instantly elevate your mood no matter how grey and dull it is outside. You can introduce these scents to your home not just through candles, but also in your body lotion, handwash, wax melts, room sprays etc. There is a range of festive scents that are usually released by the stores around this time of year having tones of ginger, cinnamon, eucalyptus, chocolate works like wonder.

Remember the smell of warm gingerbread coming from the oven at your nana's home- is there anything better to remind you of the Christmas season? A hallway unit will be a great place to keep the scents and provide a warm welcoming aroma as soon as you enter the home.


Candles for Autumn

Nothing speaks of autumn and winter like hygge. And nothing hygge like candles. Hygge is all about breaking the monotony of the colder months having to spend a considerable amount of time indoors with tiny deeds- like lighting a candle.

Whether as part of hygge or not, a major portion of candles is sold in association with Christmas during December. Adding a lit candle in beautiful seasonal scents is the easiest eBay to bring in cosy even to a cold room.


Lighting is an important aspect to keep in mind while designing homes, but which is unfortunately overlooked. It can add to mood, highlight the features and enhance the character of the space. You can create a snug space for fighting winter blues by layering light wisely.

Rather than a single source of light, layered lighting is preferable for greyer days of autumn and winter. In addition to the primary source, which is mostly a pendant light in the centre of the room which satisfies the functionality, add lights that would highlight the walls and character of the room bringing out the aesthetics of the space. Have wall sconces, table lamps, floor lamps to add cosiness. Also, having the centre light hang low can add to the mood of the room, encouraging intimate conversations, as already evidenced from the trend of low hanging pendant lights above the dining table.

Lighting can elevate bedrooms too especially on slim dressing tables when the space is limited but a table lamp could go a long way in providing the much needed extra light during Autumn and Winter.

Autumn- winter home decoration is not complete without a string of fairy lights. It is a quintessential part of the Christmas season and helps you bring an ethereal charm to your space and lift the mood.

Deep Pile Rug

Colder months are perfect to introduce tactile deep pile rugs in your living spaces. When the floors are cold to touch(unless you have underfloor heating, then colour me jealous), shaggy rugs would be a perfect addition to fight against the drought and cold, and your bare toes will thank you as these are super soft to walk on, some could even feel like walking on clouds.

Deep pile rugs are also an easy way to introduce colour, texture and style to your interior decor game. You can also mix up shapes- go for the standard rectangular or choose a fluid oval rug, or even abstract.

A shaggy rug in real or faux sheepskin could add drama and warmth to your space.

Faux Foliage

Indoor Flowers for Autumn

Adding colour and life during the winter months could be difficult. This is where faux foliage comes in handy. We are already prepping our home for Christmas trees, you can also add colour and warmth to other areas by carefully introducing faux foliage. Eucalyptus leaves are an easy no-brainer when it comes to artificial stems. They bring in a soft greyish touch to the space without being strikingly green. Faux branches and twigs also work well around this time of the year. Simple faux branches work well in tall vases as well as bowls and it's very easy to style them unlike real and silk flower bouquets.

You can also keep these faux branches and faux foliage in tall baskets to spruce up the nooks of your house. The quality of the ones that are available is quite realistic making it impossible to tell the difference unless of course, you try to break it or tear off the leaf.


These simple but effective, small changes made during colder months can make your home and life a little bit happier and colourful, amidst all grey and gloom. With the right styling, you would start to enjoy cuddling up indoors during the autumn and winter season.

Tell us your favourite styling tip to make your home ready for autumn and winter.

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