Home Decor 101 : How to choose a Bedside table

By Neethu 22/09/2019

Looking to buy a bedside table for your bedroom? The one that goes with your bedroom décor,taking up only a bit if your valuable space, but has storage space to hide an elephant in there?

It could be lengthy mission to find that perfect bedside table. And we are here to help you with thethings to keep in mind when buying a bedside table:

  1. Height

    The ideal height for bedside table is based on your convenience- easily accessible from your bed. Roughly, plus or minus few inches from the top of your mattress so that you can reach for that book or the hand cream without stretching too much.

  2. Storage

    You may be tempted to settle for a sleek floating desk. But think storage, storage, storage when it comes to your bedside table. Bedside table is not just for placing your lamp and that book, but also to your reading glasses, glasses, medicines and all other clutters you want to hide. So a sleek style which is also wide enough to place your table lamp, along with enough storage is the best choice for any bedroom.

  3. Style

    Go for colour coordinated or contrast style with your bedframe is a burning question. If you choose to colour match it to the bedframe colour scheme, it makes your bedroom look more pulled together. Or you could go for the colour pop, bringing an eclectic charm to your bedroom.

  4. Space

    Space is also an important factor to consider when buying a bedside table! Thanks to the creativity of many furniture designers bedside tables come in various styles which made them practical and stylish. Floating bedside tables are the perfect example of how bedside tables can be added to a room with limited space.

We have curated a list of our best picks of bedside table, click here to view more.

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