How to Create More Storage in Your Home

By Natalie 03/05/2022

How to Create More Storage in Your Home

Not everyone has the luxury of a spacious home. This can make storing a bit of a problem. But worry not. With a bit of resourcefulness and creativity, you can make the most of your existing storage space. A well-organised home is a pleasing sight and a relaxing space to live in. Here are a few handy tips that can help you create more storage in your home.

Get Rid of the Clutter

Cleaning your home is the first step to saving storage space. It allows you to identify and discard the items that you no longer need. Uncluttering doesn’t necessarily mean throwing away your possessions. Sort all your belongings and decide what should go to the storage. If you’ve items such as clothes that aren’t needed anymore, consider donating them to charity. Besides maximising storage space, regular decluttering helps you stay organised and prevents you from buying the items that you already own.

Set up More Cabinets

If you have sufficient funds, try setting up custom cabinets for storing your belongings. Add sideboards and pull-out drawers wherever you can, without sacrificing the visual appeal of your space. Go for expandable under-sink organisers, wall-mounted units or floating cabinet door shelves that can fit several items within a small space. Look for less utilised areas such as the space below stairs and sloping roofs that can be repurposed into beautiful storage.

Buy Furniture with In-built Storage

More storage bins, cans, baskets and containers mean more clutter. Go for multi-purpose furniture that can offer more storage in a limited space. For instance, adding double laundry baskets instead of single one can be a great way to make most of the space in many homes as it can make the most of the wasted space around the laundry basket. Lift-up ottomans and divans with pull-out drawers can store several items such as extra pillows, cushions, household linen, duvets and quilts, among others. Extendable dining tables, stackable shelves, storage beds and nesting coffee tables also are great space savers. Fit a shelved headboard to create more storage in your bedroom. Add pull-out drawers at the back of the headboard to use the vacant space effectively.

Let Your Doors Work as Cupboards

Use over-the-door hooks to hang clothes, sunhats, bath robes, towels, shoes and other accessories. Attach door hooks to your kitchen cabinets and drawers to hang the most-used spoons, knives, pans and bottle openers so that you spend less time looking for them when you’re in a hurry. Wardrobe doors lined with stacked hooks can be used to organise jewellery or hang multiple scarves, belts and handbags. Use s-shaped hooks to fix additional wall racks in the kitchen that can hold kitchen towels, aluminium foil sheets, cleaning accessories and other everyday essentials. Hang mesh bags or wired baskets under the top unit of your kitchen cabinets to stock dish towels and spice bottles.

Take Advantage of Narrow Nooks and Corners

Thin spaces and lean corners are often under-utilised. Use them by putting up pegboards and roll-out shelves. For example, if you’ve a tiny space between two kitchen cupboards, install a lean multi-rack pantry shelf with pull-out doors. Convert narrow corners and odd-looking alcoves into handy storage spaces by setting up pegboards.

Reduce Clutter with Wall Niches

Wall niches are a great option to maximise storage and reduce clutter in tiny houses and apartments. Use your living room wall niche to display eye-catching knick-knacks, books and other favourite collectibles. Most interior designers set up built-in wall niches during the building process. If you don’t have an in-built wall niche, consider affixing a wall-mounted niche onto a flat wall. Though wall-mounted niches aren’t as deep as carved out recesses, they can still hold lovely pieces of décor that conform to the space. Use attractive frames made of wood, metal or other durable material to cover the borders of your wall niche and illuminate the display using spotlights.

Label Storage Containers for Easy Retrieval

Transparent containers save precious time when you’re looking for a specific item in your storage. If you’re using opaque storage boxes, label them for easy retrieval. Labelling allows you to quickly spot a container, especially when you’re storing them in spaces such as the cellar, loft or overhead shelves.

Living in a small home is not a limitation, if you’re ready to uncover more storage. Though the space and structure of each home varies, these storage ideas can help add a refreshing vibe to your space.

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