How to Make a Small Living Room Look Bigger

By Natalie 03/04/2022

How to Make a Small Living Room Look Bigger

Let’s face it…Not all of us have access to unlimited space in our homes, but we are eager for our homes to make a good impression. Especially our living rooms because that’s what most of our visitors see and spend time in. And who doesn’t like getting complimented for keeping a beautiful home?

Small or big, we all are house proud. Our home is our identity, a reflection of our personality, tastes and choices. Even if not for guests, but just for ourselves, the living room is the space we all come together to relax and bond as a family. So how best to make the most of the space we have? Read on…


It’s always best to stick to tones from a similar colour palette. This cohesiveness gives an illusion of space to the room, as all elements flow into each other. On the other hand, usage of multiple colours divides the room into sections and makes it look smaller. One doesn’t have to go all-white, but cool tones like blues and greens or warmer tones like terracotta, beige and rusts work beautifully as well. However, white on woodwork, ceiling and skirtings is always a good idea and gives a feeling of more space and light.


Never equate a small living room with small pieces of furniture. This just adds to the clutter. The trick is to get the proportions right and invest in furniture that multi-tasks. A large sectional sofa can give the illusion of a bigger space, especially if it is in a similar shade as the walls. It can also double up as a couch when required.

Keep the rest of the furniture minimal and functional. A couple of accent chairs and a few cushions can add a pop of colour. Choosing furniture with legs so more of the floor can be seen or building in a window seat if you have a bay window, are all smart and aesthetic ways of making your living room look more spacious.


Curtains can either enhance your space or suffocate it. The right choice to give your living room a more spacious look is to choose light and airy drapes, with pale shades and subtle designs. Remember to stick to the colour palette you have already chosen for your living room, so that your drapes fit in seamlessly. Use vertical stripes to create an illusion of height or horizontal stripes to create an illusion of width if your windows warrant it. Opting for plain blinds(roman or roller), instead of curtains is also a great space saving idea.


Use a couple of statement items, such as a classy piece of art, an antique mirror, an accent chair, or an oversized lamp that will lend character to your living room and draw attention away from its size. Select beautiful textures to give your living room a rich look without taking up additional space. Take décor high up on the walls when your floor space is limited.


Use vertical spaces on walls, and unused nooks for storage. Utilising ceiling height for storage as opposed to an already cluttered floor; opting for built-in storage as opposed to free standing pieces – are all efficient ways to optimally utilise small spaces. Ensure your TV is wall mounted, doing away with the need for a TV stand. However, don’t go overboard with storage. Have just enough, so that it doesn’t take away from the charm of your living room. Investing in customised storage is worth your while. A practial way to add more storage to a small living room is by using ottoman coffee tables the multi-purpose nature of it makes it very smart addition to the living room.


A living room decorated with well-placed mirrors makes your space look bigger and adds to its aesthetic appeal. It’s a no-brainer that mirrors expand spaces. While smaller mirrors are more decorative, it’s the well-placed, larger mirrors that add to the space. An oversized mirror that covers an entire wall can enhance your living room. A mirror strategically positioned opposite a window will make the room look bigger and brighter.


Nothing creates a feeling of a bigger space than huge amounts of natural light during the day. But great lighting ideas can quite literally light up your small living room at night. Layering the heights of your lighting gives an illusion of space to the living room. Have multiple light sources for various requirements – an overhead light that becomes the central focus, lighting that creates atmosphere, lighting that is required for your tasks, wall lighting that doesn’t take up your valuable floor space, etc.

There is no dearth to ideas when it comes to your living rooms. Choose wisely only those which will add to your living room space and aesthetic. Declutter by selling or giving away pieces that no longer serve your living room space, and find beautiful pieces at great bargains that are just perfect for your living room.

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