How to Organise Your Wardrobe

By Neethu 08/03/2022

How to Organize Your Wardrobe

Uncluttering your wardrobe is almost a metaphor for uncluttering your life. And while both require your time and effort, the benefits are well worth it.

If you’ve an organised wardrobe, it looks straight out of Marie Kondo- everything sparks joy. Everything is segregated and easily accessible, you can calmly open your wardrobe, choose what’s best, find matching accessories, footwear, make-up and hey presto…you’re good to go. Not only do you look great, you feel great!

Sounds wonderful, doesn’t it? So, here are a few tips that will make your wardrobe go from looking like a disorganised warehouse to a movie star’s walk-in closet. Read on…

Don’t Re-organize the Entire Wardrobe in One Go

We overwhelm ourselves by attempting to re-organize our entire wardrobe in one go. And then procrastinate or end up frustrated and in a bigger mess than before.

Instead, chunk it down. Chunking your wardrobe reorganisation allows you to make progress within your timelines, and have the joy and satisfaction of being more organised. The parts of your wardrobe that are organised, will spur you to replicate it for the rest of the wardrobe as well.

A Place for Everything and Everything in its Place

Have a plan.
Organise your wardrobe into sections. Before you begin, plan the sections you would like to organise your wardrobe into. Segregation makes things easier to access and find what you’re looking for. A good way is to segregate clothes by usage – daily wear, work, gym, occasional wears, etc.

Another great way of segregating is seasonal. We don’t wear winter clothes in summer and vice versa. So, stash away the clothes that aren’t in season and pull them out when it’s the right time. It’s a great way to free up space in your wardrobe too.

Be Prepared to Clear Out

Organising your corner wardrobe is almost a life overhaul. Be prepared to take stock and let go. Keep only things you are sure to use. Some good rules to remember are:

  • Keep, Sell, Give-away, Throw - Keep what you’ll certainly use, sell the clothes you won’t use that can get you value, give-away the clothes that you don’t need but are in good shape, and throw away the rest.
  • The Two-Year Rule - If you haven’t worn it in two years, you are unlikely to wear it again. Your stuff from two years ago is likely to be outdated(we strongly recommend investing in good basics than trendy pieces- better for your wallet and for the environment).
  • One-in, One-out – If you’re getting something new, make sure you are giving away something old. This practice not only keeps your wardrobe updated to fashion trends and your current size, but also makes space for the new.
  • Stop Romanticizing the Old - If you have kept something for sentimental value, remember the memory is in your head, not in your closet. Would you rather it takes up space in your wardrobe or find new life in someone who needs it in their life?

Personally, I had difficulty in giving away my now toddler’s clothes at first. But I have now learned that it gives me more joy when I can help someone who is actually in need of it and found it more sensible only to keep the first set of bodysuits she wore. Now I give her old clothes away every 3-6 months for free or for a nominal price or give it to charity, so it can be put to better use.

The Best Wardrobe Hack – Organisers

Organisers for your wardrobe are really one of the best life hacks. They are efficient, convenient to use and make space in your wardrobe. Organisers are a great way to segregate and make your wardrobe neat, tidy, and well organised. There are a host of organisers available online, in myriad shapes and sizes, to suit any wardrobe. You can choose from a range of organisers for drawers, cupboards, etc. to organisers for specific products like watches, jewellery and trinkets. And once you’ve used them, there’s no looking back…at messy wardrobes!

Don’t Stop at Just Once

Make wardrobe overhauls a regular exercise. The more frequently you do it, the less time you will have to spend on it. Your wardrobe will always be up-to-date and well organised. Your fashion game will be on point, wear almost everything you own, make some money from the things you sell, always have the joy of giving, and the joy of having new things more often. So, make organising your wardrobe a way of life. Declutter and destress.

Lastly, remember, don’t strive for perfection. 80% done is a good place to be. And certainly, better than not having started at all!

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