Sideboard vs Buffet Table - What is the Difference?

By Natalie 21/10/2020

Sideboard vs Buffet

Have you heard about the term sideboard and buffet being used interchangeably and wondered what is the difference and why one is called a sideboard and the other called a buffet even though they are similar in appearance? It is quite easy to get confused one with the other as they both can refer to the same or similar piece of furniture.

Both sideboards and buffets are similar types of furniture with storage space and a flat top, they are mostly found in rectangular or square shapes. Even though they look similar, buffet tables appear to have longer legs compared to the sideboards.

Buffets are storage furniture that is used in the dining room. The major purpose of a buffet is to provide a space to store and display your prized serve ware, glassware, table mats etc. The buffet top can be used to keep food and drinks while entertaining the guests.

Sideboards on the other hand can be used in any room, it is mostly used for its storage feature and the top of a sideboard is usually styled with home décor accessories like candle holders, flower vase, coffee table books, photos frames, and most recently to show off one’s green fingers with indoor plants.

What style choices are there?

Sideboards and buffets come in several style choices-one of the styles that has been in trend for a very long time, and showing no sign of slowing down is the oak sideboards. With the wooden finish and the timeless nature of the oak finish, the sideboards can be added into several different home décor styles- be it contemporary, transitional, modern, minimalist. Oak sideboards are a natural fit into many neutral home décor styles as they provide a subtle contrast the room requires while maintaining the neutral décor.

Sideboards are also available in other styles like mirrored, glass, and designer sideboards. The sideboards have evolved over the years from a functional and storage piece of furniture to a designer, statement-making piece of furniture in a room. The designs on sideboards can have a bigger impact on the larger areas that these tables occupy, it is a perfect piece of furniture to add pop-out designs.

How can I choose the right size?

Sideboards and buffet tables can take space and careful consideration should be given on the size of the table. An ideal way to find what size will be best for a room is to stack some storage boxes or cardboard boxes and measure the length and the depth. It is ideal to leave a space anywhere between 30-60cm between the sideboard and other furniture to leave enough space for people to move around in the room.

Need some inspiration?

These are some Pinterest boards that have a variety of sideboards and buffets, if you are not sure what style fits in a room this should give some inspiration to get started. Pinterest - Nordic Design Sideboards Pinterest - Kasera Sideboards Collection Pinterest - FFE Sideboards Sideboards

How much does it cost to buy?

The cost of buying a sideboard or buffet table can vary but, on average, it will be in the range of £200 to £600. The price can vary significantly based on the material, design, and the size of the table.

Both sideboards and buffets serve a similar purpose with the subtle difference in the size of the legs and the use of the tabletop based on the room it is used. They both are practical and functional furniture available in different styles and colours.

To summarise the comparison both buffet table and sideboards are almost identical but with subtle differences, but the purpose of the unit is to furnish specific areas like the hallway it will be worth considering specialised storage like hallway units If you are shopping for one or the other it will be worth searching for using both names to find more choices. They will occupy space in a room so measuring the space is important before buying a sideboard along with choosing the right style.

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