Optimise Space in Your Home with Stylish Sofa Beds

By Neethu 02/12/2020

Optimise Space in Your Home with Stylish Sofa Beds

When you have limitations on the space- be it in the living room or your game room/ study or do not have a spare room for invited (or uninvited) overnight guests is- the question is whether to buy a sofa or a bed. Irrespective of the question- the answer is always to invest in a sofa bed.

The clever option of Sofa Beds are a comfortable choice to sit and lounge during the day and provide ample space to sleep at night, at times for up to 2 people- replacing the need for a space-hungry double bed.

There are so many designs and styles of sofa bed available suitable for different decor styles and personal taste- you can easily make space for that slumber party guest/ your teenager’s friend and upgrade your home decor at the same time if you choose carefully

Following are the things to consider while deciding on sofa bed.

Size and Layout of the Room

Most people opt for a sofa bed due to space constraints in their living room or guest room. As a sofa, this piece of furniture would fit into almost all spaces. But careful consideration has to be given if the space is narrow- whether the “bed feature”/pulled out depth of the bed will fit into the space. Do note that certain sofa beds will have to be operated from the bottom end of the bed meaning you’ll also have to factor in space for you to stand and operate the pull-up feature.

Size of Sofa

The width of the sofa bed is also an important aspect to consider before making the decision. A 2 seater(or sleeper) sofa bed is always ideal as it can sleep your single friend as well as a couple provided you have the seat for that. Sofa beds are not just available in single-seater and 2 seater sizes. There is also the leather or fabric corner sofa and sectional styles that are available these days.


Sofa beds are not hideous pieces of furniture with 2 utilities anymore- there are additional features that have been introduced over time to make it user friendly. Recliners are the most common feature to be found in sofa beds these days. Certain sofa beds also come with deep hidden storage which comes in handy especially if you are struggling for space- works well to hide the bed linens and pillows.

The best of all absolute must-have features according to me is the “power open” option. The motorised option makes it a one-handed task- to push the button to open the sofa up into a bed and back. This will be an ideal choice if converting the sofa into a bed with little no effort is a requirement or simply if you are too lazy to do that like me!


Sofa beds are available in multiple styles to choose from, the most common ones are :

Futon Sofa Bed

Futon Sofa Bed Futon Sofa Bed Open

Photo courtesy Dunelm

With an easily rollable mattress, which is thinner compared to the ordinary mattress, rests on a slatted futon makes for the most lightweight option amongst sofa beds. The original futon design originates from Japanese decor styles. It goes very well in a minimalist scandi inspired decor style. A futon bed is best suited for a kids bedroom and teenager’s den.

Pull Out Sofa Bed

Pull Out Sofa Bed

Photo courtesy Marks and Spencer

A simple and functional design with a storage option which accommodates a trundle bed or a foam fold out mechanism under the seat cushion. With sleek designs, these are the perfect sofa beds for a formal living room.

Clic Clac(Click-Clack) Sofa Bed

Clic Clac(Click-Clack) Sofa Bed

Photo courtesy Made

A flat cushioned foam on a metal or aluminum frame that folds down in the middle to form a sleeping surface just like the name sounds. A Clic Clac mechanism requires free space behind the sofa since the backrest is pushed back and flattened. Clic Clac sofa beds are usually very sturdy, which also means that the sleeping surface is not as comfortable as other sofa beds. A click clack sofa bed is the best-suited one in a narrow space.

‘A-frame’ Sofa Bed

A-frame Sofa Bed

Photo courtesy Dunelm

The compact and most contemporary looking sofa bed is the A-frame style. The easily convertible triangular shape is its most noted feature. The A-shaped cushion frame is opened towards the front of the seat revealing a comfortable seating and sleeping option. A-frame sofa beds with its contemporary appeal are making a strong reappearance in the 2020 decor notes.

This is not the full list of all the sofa beds available in the market depending on the type of sofa the sofa beds are available in a different variety a common example is a corner sofa bed.


Just like the umpteen options available for sofas, sofa beds are available in all materials- the most preferred being fabric and leather. The important consideration for choosing the material is the frequency, type of use, and location of the furniture. Depending upon the frequency and anticipated use- the right fabric or leather could be chosen.

Choosing between fabric and leather depends on the style you are planning for the room and the nature of use. Leather sofas always offer a sleek finish to the room but with fabric sofas, you will get a wide variety of colour choices. Fabric sofas are generally pet friendly as they can withstand the scratches and claw marks on the sofa better than the leather sofas. But in a household without pets, the leather sofas can last a long time depending on the nature of use.

Type of Mattress

There is one material to consider when purchasing a sofa bed- that is the mattress. Once again the decision has to be made based on the frequency of use and expected usage. If you are going to regularly use the sofa bed- for yourself(or others) invest in a good quality support mattress. Foam-filled mattresses and pocket sprung mattresses seem to be a crowd favorite.


Good care and maintenance can extend the life and comfort level of a good sofa. You can create the adaptable lounge and party space you need and welcome overnight guests with the right sofa bed. Sofa beds are available in different types and styles including some options like sofa sets, so having an understanding of the features can help choose the right sofa bed.

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