What is an Ottoman Bed Frame?

By Natalie 12/11/2020

Ottoman Bed Frame

If you have come across the term Ottoman Beds and are curious about learning more about them or planning to buy an ottoman bed and want to know more following details is a deep dive into what they are, how they got the name and whether it is the right bed for you.

Ottoman bed frames are storage beds that have the multi-functional use of the bed and storage space. The ottoman beds have the provision of pivoting the base of the bed so that the space underneath that can be used for storage. But ottoman beds are not the only type of storage beds there are other storage beds with drawers or divan beds.

According to this Wikipedia article, the ottoman style furniture takes its root from the furnishing styles of the Ottoman Empire. The articles went on to say “... It was first designed as sectional furniture that wrapped around three walls of a room, before evolving into smaller versions that fit into the corner of a room or circular padded seats surrounding a column or pole in a public room.”

In the late 18th century, they were introduced to Europe from Turkey and it influenced the design of furniture including beds. The designs and techniques evolved based on the needs of various generations.

How Strong are Ottoman Beds?

Ottoman beds are usually strong enough to hold a mattress and two people with a maximum weight of 114kg (18 stones) each, according to our friends at Benson for Beds. But this can vary based on the quality of the bed and the components that are used in building the bed.

The base rests on the frame with a sturdy gas strut attached to it, this is usually strong enough to lift the base up with the mattress. It also makes lifting the mattress easy without the need to take all the weight of the base on to your hands.

Can I Configure the Bed?

Most brands provide options for customers to choose the side they want to use for opening the ottoman bed. The beds can be configured to open from either of the sides or the bottom of the bed.

Choosing the side of the bed to open should be driven by the space in a room, height of the ceiling and other furniture around the bed. Even though there is no added advantage in choosing a particular side of the bed, choosing a side that is not facing a wall will be ideal. This will provide the space that is needed to reach the base to open.

What are the Sizes Available?

Like other bed frames, Ottoman beds are available in all sizes starting with small ottoman beds to super king ottoman beds. When choosing the size of the ottoman bed it will be useful to consider the space that is required to stand next to the bed and open the base of the bed.

With an ottoman bed, the larger the bed the storage size also increases and it could be tempting to squeeze in a big bed to make most of the space more often than not this can turn into an issue. To move around the bed comfortably it is ideal to leave more than 30cms of space around the bed.

Are They Still In Trend?

The ottoman bed frames are very much in line with the current home décor trends, with its versatile natural and practical use I believe they will stay in trend even though the design, materials, and colours will evolve.

The popularity of this Instagram hashtag #ottomanbeds is another proof that people are still in love with the ottoman beds like I am and I can see this being the trend for a very long time. The rise of the number of apartments around the world will also make this an ideal bed to have to maximum the limited space available.

How to Clean the Storage Space?

Cleaning the storage space is super easy with an ottoman bed, with the base of the bed frame raised you will be able to reach all corners of the bed. With the whole bed base raised, all the items can be emptied quickly and can be cleaned using a vacuum cleaner or a cloth. A traditional bed can make you do an army crawl underneath the bed to reach all the items before you can dust or vacuum underneath the bed and if you are short like me it can get the dust all over you from head to toe before you even get to clean the area underneath the bed.

For cleaning the storage inside the bed, we recommend using either the vacuum cleaner or a dry cloth and avoid using a damp cloth. Dampness could cause damage to the items in the bed as there will be no sunlight or air going in the storage section of the bed. It could also lead to mould developing inside the bed and ruining items like shoes if stored underneath the bed.



  • They provide a storage space that is practical and convenient.
  • The opening of the storage space can be configured to be opened from the sides or rear of the bed.
  • They are strong and durable like other beds.
  • Cleaning the storage is easy compared to a traditional bed.


  • Like other storage beds moving and manoeuvring the bed for cleaning can be hard with all the heavy items in the storage.

So an ottoman bed is a type of storage bed that is very much in line with the latest home decor trends and very practical functionally. They come with and without headboards based on the brand but most brands provide both options.They are ideal for any home and available in all sizes, but it can be a big space saver for apartments and smaller homes where the space is limited.

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