Shopping for the lamps has never been easier without all-in-one lamp discovery and comparison tool, we have catalogued lamp from more than 35 retailers including Dunelm lamps and Habitat lamps in a single platform so that you can find and compare in a single platform.

Lamps come in a variety of styles from crystal lamps to wooden lamps and many other options choosing the right one should be based on the style of your room and the type of the task you are doing to perform in that particular room.

Lamps used to be a functional accessory within a home, but it has changed over the year and nowadays lamps are both functional accessory as well as a decorative item. There are some stunning lamps available in the market on every price range so that you can buy a stylish designer lamp without splashing out too much of your money.

Lamps come in all shapes and sizes choosing one should be based on the purpose of the lamp and the size of the room. To fit with a room the size of the lamp should be proportional to the size of the room or the furniture immediately near the lamp.

Buying Tips

One of the easy ways to help visualise how much space the lamp will take in the room is to place a box of similar size as the lamp you are planning to buy. This will help to get a feel for the space it needs and how will that look compared to all the other furniture next to it.

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