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Floor Lamps

Compare and find one of the biggest collection of floor lamps in the market with our floor lamp finding tool. Many traditional and modern floor lamps for living room, study, bedroom and kitchen in one single platform.

Floor lamp collection in the UK has grown over recent years with some revolutionary designs coming into the market. New collection of floor lamps also comes in much more energy-efficient options like modern LED floor lamps to stick floor lamps.

Some recent floor lamps trends include Arc floor lamps and some unusual design which are combined with some practical functional aspect of the lamps. Floor lamps can make a small space more lit up and bright, dark corners in a room can make the room look smaller than it is and when the space is limited floor lamps are the perfect way to lit up the dark corners and make it look bigger.

The floor lamp is very efficient with space as most of the lamps are quite lean and fit into a corner very well.

Buying Tips

Choosing the functional side of the floor lamp is important whether it is the main light in a room or an addition to the major lighting in the room is important. If it if the major source of light you may need to make sure that it is a multi-directional floor lamp with the light scattered across the room so that all the corners of the room are well lite up.

If it is the complimentary light to the main light you can have the floor lamp to project the light to the ceiling so that it will bring more warmth into the room. Buying a light with a dimmer can even make this that light you can use during a movie night when you need a dim light without the total darkness.

If you like the designer version of the floor lamps we have a collection of unusual floor lamps.

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