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How to Choose the Most comfortable Sofa Bed

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How to Choose the Most comfortable Sofa Bed

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How to Choose the Most Comfortable Sofa Bed

When space is at premium and you are used to having overnight guests, there is nothing more practical than owning a sofa bed. Be it in your study or living room, a sofa bed is always a smart choice-to not spend on a bed and mattress for nights, and provide additional seating during the day. Sofa bed also works best as the “main sofa” specially if you are someone who would binge watch Line of Duty on BBC iplayer or Squid Game on Netflix. It is also a practical and space saving solution specially for those living in studio apartments.

While purchasing a sofa bed, you should consider various aspects- space, use of not just the sofa, but also the bed, frequency and budget, to find yourself the best and comfortable option. Let us look into these in detail:

  • Space

    How much floor space you have determines the type of sofa bed you can buy for the space. Sofa beds are available in many sizes and depending on the space you have- from the ones for individuals to the spacious ones which can easily accommodate a small family. If it’s a narrow space, a click clack sofa bed would be more apt than a pull out sofa bed. If you have much more space or are looking for a sofa bed for your main living space, a pull out sofa bed or a much bigger corner sofa bed which can be tucked into a corner, leaving room in the middle would be better.
  • Use and Frequency

    Answering this question, i.e- how often would you be using the sofa as bed will help you find the right one for you. The comfort level required for a one off unexpected visit versus that of a more regular use by yourself would be very different- you might require a higher quality mattress on your sofa bed if intending to use it fairly regularly. This is crucial as two of the common complaints about sofa beds- sagging of mattress and feeling metal/wooden fittings through the mattress. To avoid these, especially in case of regular use purchasing high quality sofa beds with quality mattresses is important.

    Also, the increased usage also could affect the operating mechanism- so finding an easy to operate and hard wearing is key.

  • Budget

    If budget is your main consideration, clic clac sofa beds and futons are your best choices even though both are not known for their comfort as beds. But these work well for one off uses and provide comfortable casual seating.

Lets look into various operating mechanisms of sofa beds as these also determine the ease of use.

Clic Clac Sofa Beds

One of the oldest sofa bed styles, which has come back in style and known for being perfect for narrow spaces, Clic Clac sofa beds are friendlier to pockets as well. Clic clac sofa beds are practical space saving sofa beds, but they are not suitable if you are looking for luxurious comfort similar to that of a regular mattress.

The name of the sofa is derived from the operating mechanism- click and clack. You have to unlock the folding mechanism at the back of the sofa and the backrest flips out flat. It has to be locked safely to the back frame to ensure it is safe to use. Some of the clic clac sofa beds do come with a storage option which comes quite handy to store away the beddings and cushions.

Unlike the usual sofas which are clunky and heavy, Clic Clacs are lighter and therefore easier to move around, even between rooms. Clic clac sofa bed with storage are perfect as good option-

  1. Where it would not be used regularly as a bed
  2. Where it will be used by mostly youth
  3. If you appreciate the ease of converting into a bed and back into a sofa, than the comfort of the bed.

This would be perfect as the second sleeping area for college students in their housing, or for a young family expecting mostly friends of a similar age(with no back complaints) to stay the night. Clic clac sofa bed would not be ideal for elderly people.

Also, do note that the length of the bed comes from the width of the sofa unlike other sofa beds, so you need ample space in your spare room or living room to accommodate a minimum 190 cm wide sofa.


Futon sofa bed has its origin in Japan. The Japanese minimalist design is very evident in the design of the futon bed. Futon bed has a casual appeal to its design and would work well in a less formal setting- like in a game room or a kid’s room and are perfect as a spare bed for unexpected guests.Futons might be the cheapest sofa beds of all thanks to its simple design. The deciding factor when you are purchasing a futon is the quality of its mattress. We will touch on this subject later in the article.

The futon slatted frame was not originally part of the Japanese design and it was introduced when the futon was brought to the USA. The thicker futon mattress (compared to its Japanese counterparts) is laid on the low seated frame.

As mentioned earlier, Futons are best suited for the younger population as elderly might find it difficult to use the low height seating and bed as it can cause strain in some cases.

Pull out Sofa Bed

Unlike the first two categories of sofa beds discussed, a pull out sofa bed has a hidden mattress. The mattress which is buried within the sofa frame can be easily pulled out. Unlike other options, these sofa beds look like regular sofas and are available in all designs and styles. The pull out sofa bed also comes as a sofa with all additional features- recliner, arm rests with bottle holders etc.

Depending on the furniture retailer you are also given the opportunity to upgrade the mattress. Pull out sofa bed mattress is usually of the same quality as that of the regular mattress, but with additional features of pliability so that it can be folded down. If you go with a pull out sofa bed with a luxury mattress, these can even be considered as your primary bed.

The pull out sofa bed is also available in other variations- a corner sofa bed. This provides ample seating and provides a sleeping space for impromptu guests. The integrated pull-out mattress on the main sofa easily enables it to be rolled out into a bed which can then easily accommodate a family (depending on size of the corner sofa, of course!).

Chair beds are also getting popular these days as an option for accommodating individual guests. These can come with or without armrest, which might be a supporting mechanism when the bed is pulled out.

The Comfort Element - Mattress

The most crucial aspect of a sofa bed is its mattress as this determines the quality of sleep, just like in regular beds. Trust me when I say this as I speak from experience. We traveled as family to London for 2020 New year celebrations(yes! Pre-pandemic era) and stayed with our lovely friends in their apartment. We slept in their gorgeously stylish and easily convertible Italian leather designer sofa bed. But neither of us slept a wink- the mattress was not comfortable enough. It is crucial to test out the mattress too when you are buying a sofa bed.

Just like the regular mattress, the sofa beds comes with the following mattress formats:

  1. Memory foam mattress
  2. Latex mattresses
  3. Standard sprung mattress
  4. Pocket sprung mattress

Memory foam mattress is the most popular mattress variety which provides the cushioned surface and it molds to your body. This also helps in relieving pressure points while lying down.

Standard sprung mattresses are the traditional mattress with open coil springs for remarkable body support. These springs help to distribute the body weight and give support. Because of this, these mattresses are generally used to make orthopedic mattresses and help in relieving body pains. These are lighter mattresses which means that the operating mechanism to convert the bed to sofa and vice versa would be easier. Also, these are usually the cheapest option available in the market.

Pocket sprung mattresses are sprung mattresses with individual springs that make up the mattress are housed in their own little pockets and work independently of each other. Higher the spring count better the support. But do note that the quality of the springs matters, not just the numbers. The only downside is that a large number of individual springs make the mattress really heavy and you would need ample strength to fold and unfold the sofa bed.

Also, keep in mind to look for hypoallergenic mattresses if you or your guests are prone to allergies as the filling on non -memory foam mattresses could use natural materials.

Latex mattresses are made from latex, a product made from the sap of the rubber plant. These are highly durable and eco-friendly mattresses. It sits between memory foam and sprung mattresses as it contours the body lightly and has a natural bounciness to it.

Based on your preference you can choose the mattress of your sofa bed. These days contract mattress suppliers(who supply to hotels and commercial establishments) also supply mattresses to furniture retailers for sofa beds. You can find big name brands like Hypnos and Silentnight known for their high quality hotel sofa beds supplying mattresses for residential use.

You can treat your friends or family members(or yourself) to a cozy sofa bed that they deserve. With the right questions to ask yourself and what to look for, we hope you will find yourself the right comfortable sofa bed which is just as stylish and cozy as your main bed.