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How to Place a Garden Daybed in Your Garden

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How to Place a Garden Daybed in Your Garden

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Rattan Garden Day Bed in Brown - Venice - Rattan Direct
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How to Place a Garden Daybed in Your Garden

Don’t we all need a calm and comforting space to unwind when work schedules become too tight and weekends are packed with social commitments? We hear you say ‘yes’. Now, imagine a cosy spot in your garden, spruced with a garden daybed. It is the perfect nook to relax on sunny days. You could curl up with a book, sip a cup of tea, or just take a nap.

Garden daybeds are also great accessories to enrich your exterior décor, enhance the elegance of your home and add to the splendour of your summer parties and dinners.

If you are sold on the idea, here are a few tips to choose and style your outdoors with a garden daybed.

Consider Your Garden’s Design and Area

Spacing is an important aspect of choosing a garden daybed. Check different sizes to see where it would fit best in your garden, and if you will have ample space to walk around it or even add a table next to it. If you are planning to place the daybed next to your pool, ensure that the furniture doesn’t block the pavement surrounding the pool.

Pick a garden daybed that matches the exterior design of your home. If your garden is small, refrain from buying a bulky daybed or a full canopy daybed that could over-furnish the space. Smaller daybeds with extended loungers are suitable for smaller patios or gardens. Flat, slimline designs are perfect for small urban gardens and balconies as they work well as a garden bench when you have guests.

Identify the Purpose of the Garden Daybed

If you are tight on indoor storage space, consider garden daybeds with built-in storage to stack outdoor cushions, blankets, pillows and other accessories when not in use.

If you want to seat your guests comfortably, buy a patio daybed with enough sections to serve as lounge chairs. Select a proper daybed to accommodate your purposes.

Select the Appropriate Material

Outdoor daybeds usually come in wood, metal, synthetic resin, wicker, rattan or plastic.

Wooden daybeds are mostly used as sofas for sitting or lounging. Choosing a strong wood like Teak, Cedar or Acacia will make your outdoor furniture water-resistant and impermeable to pest attacks. Applying a wood sealant will enhance the durability of your garden daybed as it protects the furniture from harsh weather conditions.

Metal garden daybeds made of wrought iron or cast iron can enhance the historic grace and beauty of your traditional home. They serve as perfect sleeping pods. Applying a rust-proof paint or a protective finish will shelter the wrought iron furniture from weather and rust.

If you need an outdoor daybed for your contemporary garden, choose a metal furniture made of aluminium or steel. Aluminium is lightweight, inexpensive, durable and makes a great choice for seaside parties. Stainless steel and galvanised steel offer a variety of styles ranging from retro to modern, allowing you to choose the best furniture that matches your outdoor ambience.

Wicker and rattan daybeds are easy to care for, affordable and portable and are available in traditional as well as contemporary styles. Applying a wood furniture sealer or marine varnish will improve the durability of wicker or rattan daybeds.

Mind the Bed Frame

Most of the bed frames are made of wood, bamboo or metal. Traditional daybed frames have a back panel with two arms. There is a wide assortment of designs available. There are sleek metal daybed frames with straight lines that reflect contemporary style. Similarly, white iron frames mirror a country cottage design. Frames built using wrought-iron accents and coarsened wood such as pine will give your garden daybed an idyllic makeover.

Add Your Unique Style

Style your garden daybed to match your home’s exterior décor and aesthetic appeal.

Floral or striped cushions are the best choice for a wicker or a rattan daybed. If you have plants around your daybed, consider buying outdoor pillows or cushions with botanical prints that portray lush foliage in varying hues of green. Outdoor cushion sets with natural colours and textures provide a neutral complement to any colour scheme.

If you have a modern house, deck your daybed with a neutral set of cushions or pillows, so that it complements your exterior space. Cushions, blankets and pillows in bright solid colours will match the vibe of a traditional outdoor kitchenette surrounded by stone setting.

Look for outdoor bedding sets that are easy to clean, water-repellent, fade-proof and mildew-resistant. Choose Sunbrella acrylic fabric or other weather-resistant fabrics to make your outdoor pillows and cushions fade-proof.

Protect Outdoor Daybeds from Harsh Weather

Mattresses absorb moisture quickly. Invest in an outdoor waterproof mattress. You can also use a waterproof sheet to cover your mattress to protect it from getting wet. Using a waterproof spray is another way to protect it from both water and sun. Installing a pop-up canopy is a great idea to shield your daybed mattress from harsh weather. Use outdoor furniture covers to cover the daybed during rain or store it indoors during heavy winters.

Other Styling Tips

Make your garden day bed comfy using a plush foam and padded back pillows. Elevate it with accessories like toss pillows, weather-proof covers, soft rugs, side tables or coffee tables, an outdoor cooking module or a firepit that match your outdoor furniture and add spark to the aesthetics of your garden. The accessories chosen should be both functional and decorative and make your daybed stand out.

Are you ready to rejig your garden, patio, balcony or poolside with an outdoor daybed?