Garden Furniture Cover

Furniture covers are the best way to protect your outdoor furniture from rain, wind, heat and other elements. Even though most of the outdoor furniture, garden furniture, and patio furniture are built with durability in mind, elements are harsh and they could deteriorate faster than you imagine. Your outdoor furniture could fade, rust, corrode, grow mold and mildew if exposed to sun, wind and rain for longer hours.

Guide to buying garden furniture cover Measure, measure, measure If you are yet to buy protective covers, measure your furniture for height, depth and width and ensure you are getting a larger cover, if you cannot find a perfect fitting one. Water repellant Best choice of fabric for outdoor furniture covers have to be water repellant- not just water resistant. Fitting Ensure your choice of covers have a fastening mechanism. If it is just a slipcover without fasteners- like elastic edging, drawstrings etc they could fly away even in a cool breeze. Vented or not? Choose vented ones but with protective flaps. Yes, vented is the way to go or else, if there is any moisture left behind in the furniture, it could lead mold and mildew growth.

Rather than buying the cheap ones, buy high quality water repellant ones- this will ensure your prized outdoor furniture will last many more seasons than you would imagine. Search, compare and buy high quality furniture covers at