Garden Parasols

Garden parasol is a wonderful accessory to have in a garden with the right type of parasol the time in a garden can be made so much fun regardless of where the sun is. This makes the garden useful any time of the day even in the harsh sunlight.

Overhanging parasol and cantilever parasol are some highly sort after items among the people who love the make use of their garden to the maximum.

With a variety of options to choose from it is worth knowing what you need from the parasol. If you need the shade throughout the day it will be worth investing in a parasol that that be adjusted 360 degrees at the top so that the canopy can be adjusted based on the sun. May parasols like cantilever garden parasol are reinforced with additional support on the arms so that they will stay rigid and sturdy during the windy conditions.

Many parasols have additional features like solar power and lights internally. You can also buy additional accessories that can go on to a normal parasol too. Parasols come in different types there are ones that can be mounted on to a call or the ones that can be fitted on a parasol base. Many of them will come with the parasol base but if they don't then there are many available on our website.

There are parasols that are cantilever parasol or parasols with the pols in the middle. There are pros and cons for each one. One advantage the cantilever garden parasol has is that the missing pole will help to have the chairs in the middle f the parasol instead of having them around the pole. This can not only save space but also it can make the most out of the shade by having the chairs in the middle.