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Garden Storage

Where do you store the outdoor cushions, lanterns, rugs, garden tools rakes, trimmer and what not? Do you prefer to take these indoors and store it away during the English winters? That would work if you have enough space indoors, maybe a boot room or a mud room or a separate utility or atleast a garage? If you do not have much space to give away in the name of storage or you prefer to keep the outdoor stuff outdoors- safe and handy- then outdoor storage is for you.

Outdoor storage options are available in many designs and options. To list out a few to help you make the decision:

Vertical garden storage shed

These are handy for storing long-handle garden tools such as rake, barbecue equipment, ladders and garden equipment etc. Depending on the size, these may come with built-in windows or skylights and full sized doors, making it perfect for use as a workshop as well. These are best suited for medium- large sized gardens.

Garden shed

Not as tall as the vertical storage shed, a garden shed can contain most of your outdoor storage space needs. Be it the garden tools, or folding away your garden chairs or cushions, the garden shed provides ample space. This is best suited to a small- medium sized garden. These may come with or without full sized doors.

Outdoor cabinet

Best suited for small gardens or patios- outdoor cabinets provide the right amount of space for your wooden garden storage. Usually framed with kitchen cupboard sized swing doors, these might even be able to store the bins, in addition to the outdoor stuff.

Deck box with or without seats

When space is at premium, the deck box comes in handy. Best suited to be left on a solid surface, most of the deck boxes might be able to store away your small- medium sized lawn mower and a set of cushions.

Storage bench

Storage benches are apt for small city gardens or balcony gardens. In addition to storing away the seat cushions, small garden tools, plant pots, and seeds, a storage bench can also work as an additional seat or as an outdoor coffee table.

All of these storage options are available in resin, wood, or metal.