Gas Barbecues

Gas barbecues are a favorite among many people who do not want to wait for the charcoal to heat up. They are an instant heat barbecue that will get cooking straight away. A gas BBQ is quite straightforward to start cooking and it needs the gas cylinder to be rented or purchased.

Cooking on a gas BBQ can be different from charcoal-based cooking. As the cooking happens quite instantly it will be worth controlling the temperature that goes into the meat so that the meat does not end up dry. To enable that you can always control the flames or keep a burner off and move the meat between flame and burner that's off this will help the meat to cook in the heat without burning the outer layer. It can also be beneficial in buying a gas barbecue with a lid this helps to cook the meat in the heat rather than the flames directly. This is according to our friends at the Guardian who published a buying guide.

Gas barbecues are available in all sizes and shapes, choosing one depends on the size of the garden or patio where you are keeping the BBQ and the type of features you need. There are barbecues that are available to cook the meat to keep the accessories hanging on it to the ones with a chopping board. Many of them will come with a wheel as well which makes it easy to move around in the garden.

Choosing the right gas barbecue is fully dependent on the type of use you have and the size of the garden and how many people you are expected to serve. If it is common to have many guests over at the same time you may need to consider buying a gas barbecue with more 3 or more burners to cook as much food simultaneously as possible.