Outdoor Pizza Ovens

Outdoor pizza ovens come in different styles and the way pizza can be cooked in the oven can vary. There are two main types of pizza ovens in the market, one in the oven that used wood as the fuel to cook pizza and the other option is the gas oven, there are also a few dual fuel options available as well.

The garden pizza oven that used the wood is a traditional type oven and like anything that cooked with wooden fire the taste can have a smokey flavour. However, gas ovens can be easy to get started cooking can be done quickly. The traditional wood pizza oven needs some careful attention while cooking to make sure the heat is evenly available and not too much heat is coming on to the pizza.

The pizza ovens also come in different shapes and sizes as well, one handy option the portable pizza oven. They can be taken away and can be used in a garden or in a park. Many of the portable pizza ovens are fueled by gas so that you don't have to carry the firewood with you if you are taking the oven to a park.

When using a traditional pizza oven fueled by wood it is worth considering the source of the wood. It is ideal to use the wood that is meant for food fire. Using parts of old furniture or treated wood can result in chemicals getting into the food. The traditional pizza oven or the multiple fuel ones can have a larger size than the portal pizza ovens this will help to give enough space for the wood to burn or have charcoal to smoke. There are accessories you can buy to get pizza in and out of the oven like a pizza peel.