Garden Patio Heater

Why restrict your garden time to just spring and summer? Make most of your outdoor space/ garden by keeping it warm and comfortable all year round by using a patio heater. Patio heater can change your garden game completely by bringing in sophistication. Only seen in restaurants earlier, patio heaters have now become the new “garden staple” thereby increasing the possible socialising hours.

Patio heaters are suitable for gardens, patios, decking, summer houses, garages etc. Patio heaters are available in different sizes, shapes and designs suitable for all garden sizes and needs. Firepits, gas patio heater, wall mounted infrared patio heater, and electric patio heater are the most common varieties. Most of the patio heater designs are portable. Some designs also have inbuilt speakers, temperature controlled through bluetooth etc..

Electric patio heater and gas outdoor heater are the most preferred category. Electric heaters are more sleek and infrared heat produced by such heaters are directly absorbed by the body, just like sunlight, rather than heating it up through the air. Unlike electric heaters, gas patio heaters warm up the ambient air and the warmth tends to stay longer than the electric heaters. Also, gas patio heaters require regular cleaning and maintenance. However, these ones tend to do better against the elements in comparison to electric heaters.

Patio heaters are available in both portable and wall mounted designs. Gas or propane heaters are not usually seen in wall mounted design. If you do not have much floor space or prefer a permanent option or have kids or pets who are accident prone, wall mounted designs work well in such places. These ones tend to be quiet as they are infrared ones and also much more energy efficient than the other options However, they may not be suitable for large spaces.

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