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Compare and find an amazing collection of rugs from more than 35 retailers in the UK. Our rug collection includes the entire Laura Ashley rugs, Habitat rugs and Dunelm Mill rugs along with other brands like John Lewis and Harveys.

Our website lists a wide variety of designs including many modern rugs, Persian rug designs, and many traditional rugs. Shope rugs in various lengths including one of the biggest collection of large rugs in the UK. Finding the rug that fits into your home by using the dimension based filter on our rugs and carpet finder.

Find rugs in various colours including grey rugs, white rugs, blue rugs and many other colours. A simple and easy way to browse rugs in the market.

Buying Tips

When buying a rug always check the material of the rug, rug materials can vary from jute, sisal, coir, seagrass, wool and so on each of these materials have its features. Doing a bit more research on each of these materials can help identify the right rug material for your needs.

The dimension of the rug is another important factor, the rug should fit all the seating area on it. Ideally, the rug should fit most of the seating area but if the front legs of all the seating can be covered by the rug that can be a good fit. This will ensure that all the areas for resting the legs are covered by the rug and it provides the much-needed warmth for a UK home.

The final factor in choosing a rug is the pile thickness, the pile thickness can indicate how thick the rug is and it helps in decorating the room in a particular theme and more thickness means more the comfortable rug.

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