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Best Place to Keep a Laundry Basket

Laundry baskets come in a range of lovely materials and designs, making them so much more than a functional addition to a room. You can have a single basket for the entire family, or place one in all bedrooms; basically, it depends on the layout of your home, the number of household members and your laundry schedule.

So, where should you keep the laundry basket? Let us look at some of the suitable spots in a home to let the humble laundry basket do its job optimally.

The Bedroom

Keeping the laundry basket in the bedroom is one of the most sensible choices, as people change clothes in their bedrooms. Choose an attractive laundry hamper that suits the room décor, so that it blends in or even adds an interesting detail to the room. Laundry hampers with a woven wicker exterior are pretty sturdy and look good. Quirky prints make perfect choices for the kids' rooms and even encourage them to put their smelly socks where they belong. Pick up a basket with a lid, so it looks neat.

You could also go for soft, foldable laundry hampers that fit perfectly into the nooks. If you are short on space, over-the-door hanging hampers with stainless steel hooks are extremely handy. But say, you do not like to keep soiled clothes in the vicinity; you can choose to have a hidden cabinet to hold your laundry inside.

Alternatively, you might want to reserve sections of your cupboard to store the laundry basket. Since laundry baskets come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, there wouldn't be trouble finding one that fits perfectly in your wardrobe. You may want to use a section with a separate door to keep the unwashed belongings away from the clean clothes.

The Bathroom

Placing laundry bins in the bathroom is the most practical idea and most commonly practised. It’s much more functional than the bedroom as it is closer at hand when you are changing clothes. You can choose a style that blends in with the bathroom décor. A hamper that can neatly conceal the laundry, offer a storage area for toiletries and look classy would be a great pick.

If space is a constraint, you can hang a foldable laundry basket at a convenient spot and put it away when not in use.

Utility Rooms

A utility room would be the most ideal place to keep your double laundry baskets, preferably right next to the washing machine. It would save you time and effort to collect soiled clothes from every room. You can build a vertical cabinet that can hold multiple small-sized laundry baskets. It becomes easy to access them if you have them on rails that pull in and out. Label them the kind of clothes that ought to go into it. This will ensure that everyone in the house does their share of sorting.

Again, if you don’t like your soiled clothing to be seen, you can go for a closed cabinet that can be both functional and stylish at the same time.


You can also keep the laundry basket in your kitchen. Put aside some cabinet space to place the laundry basket or get closed cabinets to hide the basket. A pull-out drawer cabinet makes it easy to dump clothes into the basket.

Laundry Chutes

This is a fun and convenient way to compile your laundry in the utility room, without going up and down the stairs with heavy laundry baskets. Although laundry chutes can be a bit tricky to integrate into a ready home, in case you are planning a renovation, consider adding this useful element.

It would also be good to have compartmentalised laundry baskets to sort soiled clothes into whites and others right in the beginning. They can also save you from wash accidents.

If you are living alone or have a small family that doesn’t do laundry often, make sure your laundry basket has vents to allow air circulation. Add fragrant sachets to prevent odour, and clean out the basket regularly to eliminate mildew.

Laundry is a real never-ending story. But with good-looking and functional laundry baskets at the right places, you probably wouldn’t find it so hard to manage the chore. Happy laundering!