Optimise Space in Your Home with Stylish Sofa Beds


Sofa beds are a great way to save space in a home and with the variety of options available these days you can do this without compromising on the style.

What is an Ottoman Bed Frame?


Ottoman bed frames are one of the most practical and beautiful pieces of furniture. If you ever wondered what they are and their features this article is a complete guide to ottoman beds.

Sideboard vs Buffet Table - What is the Difference?


Have you ever wondered what is the difference between a sideboard and a buffet table? This article discusses in detail the similarities and differences between them. « I confirm the subscription of this blog to the Paperblog service under the username kasera ».

What is a Divan Bed?


A divan bed is a simple combination of a wooden base and a mattress. More like a bed with its own matching mattress; a divan bed offers you the ease of getting both together, instead of having to measure each and shop for the two separately.

Can I Leave My Garden Furniture Outside?


Protecting your garden furniture from weather conditions requires that you understand the climate you live in, the frequency of rain, the humidity, and the temperatures as these are the critical elements that harm your furniture. Your garden furniture has different upkeep needs and even the simplest conditions such as sunlight can overload your furniture with harmful UV rays that would cause your lavish garden furniture to rot away.

New House Checklist – A Complete List of Things to do


A complete checklist of essential items you need and the thing to do when moving into a new home, this includes things from furniture, accessories, utility and cleaning items and bills and services.

Home Decor 101 : How to choose a Bedside table


Looking to buy a bedside table for your bedroom? The one that goes with your bedroom décor, taking up only a bit if your valuable space, but has storage space to hide an elephant in there?

Stylish Bed Frames on a Budget


Mattress has to be bought more in line with the demands of your body and your partner. Whereas finding the bedframe comes down to what your eye fancies. There are many options available in the market- fabric or leather upholstered, wooden, metal frames etc. in different colours and shapes, with or without storage facility.

Budget Friendly Coffee Tables


A coffee table in a home is at the heart of the living room, when chosen right it will complement the decor and will be as functional as you need it to be.

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