Advantages of Buying a Sectional Sofa Over Traditional Sofas

By Neethu 29/06/2019

One cannot simply imagine a home without a sofa.

What sofa option works the best for a living room irrespective of its size- big or small? Same with open floor plan living or closed floor plan. The answer is a sectional sofa. How and why?

Imagine having to buy 2 sofa or 1 sofa and a love seat (I love myself a love seat) for your small living room- you cannot keep these furniture next to each other, you have to work on a layout that’s best suited to elevate your living room décor game. You might have to leave ample space between two pieces of seating furniture, may be even add an accent table. If you buy a modular sofa or a sectional sofa, you are eliminating the need for extra décor pieces and all the unused space could be added to your seating. Win, you think?

Sectional sofas from Kasera

If you choose the right sectional for your social space, especially if you have an open plan living, it would not only be functional, but also make your space feel more open and flowing, and add a sense of intimacy which is much needed if it’s a large room.

Sectional sofas for apartment from Kasera

Finding the right sectional comes down to getting the details right to suit your style and space. Keep these in mind when you you are planning to buy one:

1. Space and style: Understand how much space you have to play with. In the olden days(we mean 10 years back), all the corner sofa sectionals were more or less leather upholstered with recliners- which suits a modern space, but now you have a wide variety of fabrics and styles to chose from, to suit your boho, scandinavian, contemporary, country style homes, . Use soft textures and calm neutral colours to create a welcoming, relaxed vibe in your small living space.

However, if you have a larger space, feel free to play with bold statements and eccentric patterns bringing in a cheerful vibe to the space.

2. Consider placement Understand your left from right. It is really key for finding the perfect corner sofa aka the sectional for your space. Find the entrance and exits to your space, especially if you have a closed floor plan. Decide on the best suited seating arrangement for your open plan living space, eg: if you have an open plan living -dining- kitchen, would you prefer the seating to face the kitchen (a clear conversation easer) or would you prefer the sectional to act as space divider clearly demarcating the kitchen from the living- the choice is yours.

We have shortlisted a few of our favourite sectional sofas for you to take a look at :

Click the link to find more sofas

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