Can I Leave My Garden Furniture Outside?

By Rahul 27/03/2020

Why you should keep the fire label on sofas?

Protecting your garden furniture from weather conditions requires that you understand the climate you live in, the frequency of rain, the humidity, and the temperatures as these are the critical elements that harm your furniture. Your garden furniture has different upkeep needs and even the simplest conditions such as sunlight can overload your furniture with harmful UV rays that would cause your lavish garden furniture to rot away.

Even with this level of diligence, weather conditions may reach extreme levels such as storms, heavy winds, and hurricanes. It becomes more important to learn how to maintain your garden furniture in these times. When faced with extreme weather conditions such as storms, it is best to keep the furniture covered and to keep it covered, ensure the cover is the right fit for your furniture. If your suite doesn’t come with a cover you can make measurements before buying your cover. You also need to tightly cover the seating group but make sure you have a sheet that contains them all.

Also, it is important to add some weight to the furniture, you may anchor it to the ground or attach it to heavier objects such as sandbags. Surround the legs with weight to ensure that it holds its position. Efforts should be made to hide cushion furniture away if that would be possible to prevent them from damage, debris or being blown away.

Garden furniture is typically designed for outdoor uses and it is made of weather-resistant materials Examples may include aluminum which is rustproof. The materials used for your garden furniture depends a lot on the type that interests you. It may be a garden sofa, Cube garden furniture or corner garden furniture.

For patio sets, the most common types of garden furniture are made of plastic, aluminum, wrought iron, and rattan. Garden furniture which is made of woods can suffer through exposure to the elements and would need to be periodically treated. Of the materials used in making wooden garden furniture, teak is the most commonly used, and this is because it naturally contains silica, which makes it resistant to fungal decay, and the other effects of water such as rot, swelling and warping as well as chemicals.

Teak is resistant to fire, acid and alkalis and Teak weathers it gains a silver-like glow which can be a majestic sight, and its aged look makes it a famous choice for garden furniture owners.

Rattan is another material popularly used in garden furniture making, it was previously made from palm stems from one of the 600 species of palms found in tropical regions all over the world. The palm stems would be tightly woven into interlocking panels and formed into the desired structure. Now, most modern rattan furniture is made from synthetic resin and can be moulded to look like real wood or wicker. It is widely preferred because it increases the life expectancy and reduces manufacturing costs. Today resin furniture is often made of recycled plastic and incredibly durable with the makers offering a 20 years warranty or longer.

Having garden furniture beautifies your garden and makes it a nice relaxation spot for you, buying the right furniture would mean you get full value for an initial cost.

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