Top 5 Sofas for First Time Buyers

By Hatty 04/02/2019

Finding furniture for your first home could be as daunting task as finding the home itself. Especially if the home is yet to be completed, you are not sure about the seating layout best suited for your living room / lounge and you have to start looking for the furniture as the delivery time is at least 6 weeks and sitting on the floor isn’t an attractive option.

Here are our 5 picks for first time home buyers.

1. Bellini 2, My Furniture, £389

Bellini My-Furniture First Time Buyer Sofa

Sit back and enjoy a sparkling bellini on the very sleek and stylish Bellini from My Furniture, it can bring a unique style to any living room. If you would like to buy a small contemporary sofa for your home, then Bellini is a great choice.

With a price of £389 for a 2-seater sofa, Bellini is a great value for money. It comes in 4 different colours and is also available as an armchair.

Click here to buy this sofa.

2. Zorro, DFS, £599

Zorro DFS First Time Buyer Sofa

If you prefer leather over fabric and does not like to be bothered about the upkeep and maintenance, look no further – Zorro from DFS is the right choice for you. This cosy and comfortable sofa is available in 30 colors and has a great variety of sizes to choose from 3-seater, 2-seater, arm chair and foot stool. With a sale price of £599 it will be a perfect fit in budget and style for a new home.

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3. Chloe Chesterfield, Oak Furniture Superstore, £749

Chloe Chesterfield Oak Furniture Superstore First Time Buyer Sofa

Beautifully draped in the current insta-favourite plush and linen fabrics, Chloe sofa looks right at home wherever its placed. We also love that this statement making piece of furniture looks much more expensive that it is. Available as 2-seater and 3-seater, Chloe has 4 colour options.

Click here to buy the Chloe in Grey Linen

Click here to buy the Chloe in Grey Plush

Click here to buy the Chloe in Ivory Linen

Click here to buy the Chloe in Green Plush

4. Lottie,, £329

Lottie Made.come First Time Buyer Sofa

If you are trying to accommodate a sofa into small living space, Lottie from offer the style the comfort without overwhelming the room. Ideal for a contemporary look of the living room with a curved design, Lottie is available in 3 dimensions and 3 popping colours. This is a well-priced sofa for first time buyers if you want to save that little bit extra from sofa shopping to buy something else for the new home.

Click here to buy Lottie

5. Victor, Brissi, £265

Victor Brissi First Time Buyer Sofa

Sleek and simple, yet so classy, Victor is a three-seater sofa from Brissi offers you all that you are looking for. With its simplicity it can go with any living room décor and planning your living room decor could be very easy.

Victor is available in beige linen and grey velvet. Buying this sofa at an offer price of £265 makes it one of the most economical sofa you may find.

Click here to buy Victor

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