Ultimate Christmas Decoration Ideas

By Neethu 21/11/2021

Ultimate Christmas Decoration Ideas

Christmas is already here. Let’s look at some “must dos” and easy tips to up your festive decoration skills this christmas.

Christmas Tree - Real or Faux?

What is Christmas decor, if not for Christmas trees? We all have our own preferences while choosing a tree. Some may prefer going au naturel while choosing the tree, while others would like to reduce the pain of arranging, caring and maintaining one thereby choosing a pre lit, easy to assemble tree. The biggest con of having a real tree is the limitation of time, it will only stay fresh for so long. If you are someone like me, who gets itchy in November to start decorating for Christmas, then a faux tree is your best option.

If given an option, I would love a tree with a different theme for each room, including a powder room (I am yet to do that). But an easy way to incorporate a Christmas tree into different rooms would be to go creative and think DIY.

Have kids? Would they like their own tree? An easy way to make a kids tree is to get a styrofoam cone(available in various sizes ranging from 10 cm and upwards) and let them (or you) glue or stick the decorations, felt balls, pompoms, dried berries, or wrap them in twine and sprinkle(or dip it in) glitter- possibilities are endless.

The Budget Decorator has some nice cone trees in their DIY section https://www.thebudgetdecorator.com/diy-christmas-cone-trees.

Another easy DIY tree will be a book tree with a string of fairy lights that would be perfect for your study.

Create Your Nooks of Joy

Is there any other festival more joyous than Christmas- all the colours, food and decor(oops, almost forgot the gifts) makes it the best of time. Rather than focusing on just the tree and around, also have a bit of joy spread across homes by creating “nooks of joy”. Let that side table have a mini tree with pinecones and a christmas scented candle or decorate the windowsill of your bedroom with snowflake fairy lights and mini wreaths. Decorate your whole home tastefully and sparingly to spread the cheer.

Invest in a Solid Tree Skirt

Having a solid tree skirt made of wicker or rattan makes your life easy, be it an artificial tree or a real christmas tree. They make it easier to wipe off the spillages of water from the tree pot of the real trees and hide cables of the lighting. You can add an additional layering of fleece or fur to emulate snow for an added Christmas feel.

Christmas Stars

Christmas Stars

The Christmas star also known as the star of Bethlehem symbolises the guidance of God. This year’s Christmas trend has shown a surge in the use of paper and metallic hanging star decorations- be it as standalone decoration or as a tree decoration.

Fairy Lights

Fairy Lights Click here to find more about this curtain light

Fairy lights are an easy way to bring home the festive cheer and it also fights the grey and gloom of the colder months. In addition to using these on the trees, you can also use it to decorate the windows either by lining the window recess with it or by letting it fall with your drapes - be it your curtain or blinds.

Wreaths are Not Just for Doors

Wreaths have been a popular outdoor decor accessory not just during christmas, but for other seasons as well - with floral wreaths, easter wreaths and autumn foliage wreaths being crowd favorites. You can also use mini wreaths to decorate your windows, internal doors and cabinets as well to sprinkle the festive merry to your home. The key is to keep the wreath design subtle so as not to appear busy.

This is an area where you can enjoy a quick Christmas DIY. Candy cane wreaths, cork wreaths or bell wreaths are very popular this year.

Dress up Your Radiator and Banister

Pinterest is full of amazing pictures of christmas decorations and after a decorated christmas tree, what you will find most in there is the decorated fireplace. If you do not have a fireplace to display, make use of the next best place in your house - the radiator. It will be excellent if you have a radiator cover or upgrade it for the festive season with a floating shelf. It would provide you with space to display your garlands, festive candles, display cards and hang the stockings.

Banister is also an excellent place to add Christmas decorations. It is an easy place to dress up and bring festive cheer to the entire home.

Don’t Forget Your Dining Space

The dining area is another space that gets the most attention after your tree nook. What is Christmas if not for joyous gathering and loving the food and drinks? If you do not wish to splurge on dining room festive decor, you can always use the existing items at your home and add the festive charm. Use that fig tree or rubber plant (as long as it does not overwhelm the space) or hanging plant as the focal point and add the fairy lights and cover up the soil using baubles and pine cones! Ta-da- it’s like your own “no” other Christmas tree for your dining nook. You can also use locally sourced real or artificial foliage and branches to further decorate your table.

It is also a growing trend, especially if you have a hanging lamp or by creating a suspended green branch/ dried twig display.

Card Display

Who does not love Christmas cards? They are as much fun as any other element of christmas. They are colorful, cheerful, have wonderful messages, and mostly sparkly. This could come in handy for upping your xmas decor game in the most inexpensive way. You can display them.

You can use a store-bought card display holder or hanger and display them tastefully. Or you can go a step further ahead and display it on ribbons, hang it on the wreath, hang it on a Xmas string or even better, use it as a decoration on your tree.

Embrace Different Cultures and Different Festivities

The Indian festival of light- Diwali is celebrated around October - November. Hanukkah which is the Jewish festival of light, is also celebrated for 8 nights and days, and it usually falls between late November to late December. Just like Christmas, these are also festivals of “giving” and “spreading joy”. You can also borrow and appreciate the cultural and religious traditions of these festivities- eg: lighting of candles on Hanukkah or use of handmade colorful diyas and lanterns and can be used in conjunction with Christmas celebrations.

This could also be a great learning opportunity for kids to learn about other cultures as well.. Celebrating festivals from other parts of the world and cultures other than ours gives us an opportunity to be more open and understanding, and gives you the awareness to break down cultural barriers.

You can read more about Diwali here: https://www.natgeokids.com/uk/discover/geography/general-geography/facts-about-diwali You can read more about Hannukah here: https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/0/hanukkah-2021-miracle-oil-sparked-jewish-festival-lights


It does not feel like Christmas unless the tree is up and decorations are on. Enjoy the days leading up to the holidays turning your home into the winter wonderland. You do not have to splurge to have your perfect Christmas. Invest in your decorations, not just going by the trend, but also by knowing what suits you, your lifestyle and your home. Once the decorations are done, put your feet up and enjoy the warm glass of Glühwein or hot chocolate (depending on which school of thought you belong to, I prefer former) listening to “It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas”.

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