What is a Divan Bed?

By Rahul 01/08/2020

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Comfortable, practical and space saving—there’s much more than just sleeping you can do on a divan! The ‘divan bed’ has come a long way from its middle-eastern origins as a long mattress for council members to sit on when discussing matters of state.

You might well continue to discuss matters of state, albeit in the comfort of your drawing room, and on your own ‘divan’ as well. But what really is a ‘divan bed’?

A divan bed is a simple combination of a wooden base and a mattress. More like a bed with its own matching mattress; a divan bed offers you the ease of getting both together, instead of having to measure each and shop for the two separately. What’s interesting about a divan bed is that it comes with castors (wheels) that make it incredibly easy to move around. Some divan beds do come with storage facilities attached, usually drawers that open up underneath where you can store everything from books to old toys you don’t want guests to see. A divan bed usually comes with a headboard that offers good support, especially when you want to just sit back and read or surf online.

Is a ‘divan bed’ the right choice for you?

Divan beds have some really great benefits, and there’s a good reason you should consider them when you’re thinking of buying a bed.

  1. Divan beds are unbelievably compact: Divan beds can be lifesavers, especially if you live in an apartment that’s clearly not a penthouse. They fit perfectly into cramped spaces because of their no-fuss, box design, look good, and yet offer both maximum sleeping space.

  2. Divan beds come with storage options: A great advantage of a divan bed is that it has integrated storage facilities. These could be drawers; two or four, two full and two halves, or an end drawer to store essentials like shoes, books, bags, clothes, or any other accessories you don’t want cluttering your living space. Another storage option is the ottoman base, which is a larger storage space that can be used to pack away pillows, cushions, duvets, and other large items. Divan beds offer a great way to utilise space smartly, especially when you’d rather not invest in too many pieces of furniture.

  3. Divan beds offer good support: A fine aspect of the divan bed is the support it provides. The platform divan base, which is the most common type of divan bed base, has a solid timber frame and a non-sprung panel top that is great if you are looking for high levels of support for your back. It offers a sturdy frame for your mattress. However, for those who prefer a bit of yield in the mattress, a sprung divan base works well. Its flexible base provides gentle support that prolongs the life of the mattress and is basically much cosier.

    The King Koil Extended Life Divan Bed

    The King Koil Extended Life Divan Bed, for instance, is a great option for those looking for support, comfort and prolonged lifespan of the mattress. It has 1800 pocket springs that provide contouring comfort and firm tension for that much-needed shut-eye after a long day.

  4. Divan beds come with many options in mattresses: A divan bed usually comes with a standard sprung mattress that provides end-to-end support and no compromise on comfort. However, if you have specific needs, you could choose from a variety of mattresses like pocket sprung, orthopaedic, memory foam or latex. While some offer extra comfort, others provide better back support or relief from aches and pains, or even improve blood circulation. Ultimately, you get a guaranteed good night’s sleep or mid-day nap, whenever you lie down!

  5. Divan beds can be tailor-made: It’s the age of customisation, so why stop at beds! Contrary to popular belief, divan beds are easily customisable. Whether you want a fancy headboard to suit the rest of your room, or tailor-made storage for specific needs with a smaller or larger base, or even a specialised mattress, you can get it all.

  6. Divan beds are no more the old-fashioned eyesores: There was a time when divan beds were ridiculed for not being easy to look at, bulky and cumbersome to move around. Not anymore! They now come in an assortment of styles; upholstered in different fabrics with elegant side stitching and fashionable headboards to suit the décor of your room. Their versatility and aesthetics make divan beds perfect for people who have an eye for tasteful interiors.

    The Dura Beds Heritage Natural 3500 Gold Platform Top Divan Bed

    The Dura Beds Heritage Natural 3500 Gold Platform Top Divan Bed is perfect if you’re looking for a functional divan bed that looks alluring and makes a classy option for any room.

Are divan beds expensive? The general consensus is that divan beds come with the frame and the mattress together and are thus expensive. Not true. The convenience and ease of buying of a divan bed overrule whatever the price may be any day. Buying a bed frame and finding that perfect mattress can be a tough task, not to forget how expensive buying each separately can get, with the added fun of tightening bed frame bolts to keep them firm and non-squeaky. The buck officially stops here, other bed options that could be hybrid of a bed and sofa like the clic clac sofa bed.

It’s important, especially when you spend 8-10 hours of your day in bed, that you choose something that ticks all the right boxes. Divan beds do that and so much more. If you are shopping for a new bed, make sure you check out our divan bed collection.

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