Why Choose Reclaimed Wood Furniture?

By Neethu 04/06/2019

Reclaimed wood furniture has been here for some time sprucing up the industrial décor homes and the vintage inspired cottage style homes, but clearly not for long. But is it here to stay? We wonder. We do have strong reasons to believe that it will, and it must.

Reclaimed furniture could be any piece of furniture which is made from wood which has had a past life and still has life left in it to go another round. Reclaimed wood in general is sourced from storage crates, barns, factories etc. The rustic and weathered look of reclaimed timber helps in creating a beautiful one of its kind furniture.

More than the look and feel of the furniture, the reclaimed wood furniture- be it coffee table, dining table or a sideboard table, will speak directly to your environmental consciousness. It is the eco-friendly and sustainable element of the Reclaimed wood furniture that attracts the people. Imagine re-using the wood which is perfectly functioning and high in quality (thanks to its source, and the previous life, reclaimed wood is highly durable), which would otherwise would’ve ended up in a landfill. Also, you are getting a unique piece of furniture without cutting down another tree.

What’s to look for when buying reclaimed wood furniture?

  • Ensure that you only buy from trusted furniture retailers
  • Always ask for the source of the reclaimed wood.
  • Check/Ask whether the wood needed a chemical treatment for toxins and pests prior to converting into a residential furniture. Going with a trusted retailer ensures that these questions will be answered for you and even if not, you know where to take your furniture back to.

Another thing to be sure of prior to buying a reclaimed wood furniture is that are you ready for the imperfections on the wood- like the nail/ screw holes, imperfect rustic surface on your furniture? For example, if you are looking to buy a reclaimed wood dining table, and if you have kids(or if you are an adult like me), bread crumbs and similar particles could get stuck in the uneven textured surfaces on the table- meaning another area for you to vacuum.

Reclaimed timber furniture

If you would like to explore reclaimed furniture’s for home, we have compiled a list of Kasera’s favourite reclaimed furniture below.

Coffee tables

Dining tables

More kitchen and dining room tables are available in the dining room section.

Other furniture

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