Why You Should Keep the Fire Label On Sofas?

By Anna 12/01/2019

Why you should keep the fire label on sofas?

How often do you change your sofa? According to a study conducted by the London-based market research firm the most purchased home furniture is a sofa. 28% of the people have bought a sofa in last three years. And unlike the olden days, the life of a sofa in the household has reduced in the last decade compared to the previous years.

Buying a new sofa is exciting as it will bring more comfort to you and a refreshed look and feel to the room as well. What does it mean for the old sofa? Most of the sofas are sent for disposal or to a charity to find a new home. A good portion of these sofas could find a new home but unfortunately many of them will be missing a very crucial fire safety label.

According to the Furniture and Furnishings (Fire)(Safety) Regulations all sofas sold in UK must be treated with chemicals that will make the sofa fire-retardant and the label is the proof of it. If the label is missing it cannot be sold/donated to a consumer, the standard for second hand furniture’s is same as the new furniture’s.

So, if you like your sofa to have a nice long life in a second home, then please keep the fire label.

As a responsible furniture comparison website in the market we would love to spread the word of reuse and recycling furniture.

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