A dining table comparison tool that helps you to find the dining table you are looking for whether it is small or large in one platform. Our product list contains dining tables from all popular high street and online retailers including popular home brands like Harveys, Habitat, John Lewis, Furniture Village, and 35 other brands.

We have a wide variety of options for dining tables from small space saver dining tables to large dining tables to fit any number of guests for a party. If you are looking for a dining table for a small space, there are many choices available from circular and round dining tables to dining tables that fold or dining tables that can be extended.

There are several materials available for dining tables from glass top, real wood, marble or MDF. If you like to recycle and reuse good quality materials, we have some amazing collection of reclaimed wood dining tables as well.

Buying Tips

The first tip for finding the right dining table measures the space to find how much space you have for dining table, keep in mind that it needs to fit the dining table and the chairs and it should also leave enough room to move the chair back so that people can sit with ease. If you want to have lighting in the middle of the dining table, make sure you take all these measurements based on the light fitting and it is in the middle.

Measuring space can give an accurate estimate of whether a large or small dining table can be fitted into space. Many of the small dining tables can be extended and make sure the extended table can fit into space.

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